• Flight or Die Shirt - Pink
  • Flight or Die Shirt - Pink

Flight or Die Shirt - Pink

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03: Flight or Die V1: A N.E.R.D reference, Chappelle reference and/or a CS Lewis reference all wrapped up into one design. A big piece of Neue Nature is taking the leap to step into the life you were always meant to do. ImWe’re starting to see clearer lines drawn in our lives. Some people are striving and stepping into their passions and new life stages, and some are…doing whatever. 😅

Especially with everything going on right now, we need people to step up and bring light into the world. whatever sphere you’re in needs good people to strive and spread good influence. A lot of people are waiting for an answer, a glimpse into their own purpose. Most times it’s you, it’s me. When we don’t live 100 percent, we all fall. When we all aren’t hatched and soaring in our lives, we’re probably just rotting in an old, lesser lifestyle. So uh let’s fly 🕊️

Butterfly Language: caterpillars won’t understand what the butterflies are up to, might not believe it or might even feel attacked by whatever is shared from the other side. A reminder for the late bloomers and weirdos to keep pressing in and seeking the best version of yourself 🦋